Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life - Clunk

I dropped the kid.

Actually after he fell asleep he kind of slid off the Boppy (which sat my lap) onto the rug (good thing it wasn't tile). I was eating, clicking on the computer, he was in a slippery blanket, and I wasn't holding him with either hand.

Then I heard a clunk.

I looked down and the Boppy was empty.

Okay, not empty, since the kid doesn't sit in it, but there was no one on top of the Boppy.


Then I saw a lump on the floor at my feet, maybe the size of a Nerf football. I realized in a horrible, horrifying half second that it was my kid on the floor.

I picked him up, looking for blood or a dented head or something.

He looked at me, and after a second of "wtf???", he gathered his breath and let out a scream. He cried really loud for about 20-30 seconds. Then, almost just as quickly, he stopped.

He looked at me like "Holy eff man, you gotta watch my back!", and blinked, the eyes teary and accusing.

Then he did that whole "I'm the Terminator and I'm scanning your face with my invisible laser for identification purposes", i.e. stared at me without blinking for a long time.

He seemed fine. No weirdness, no unusual anything, just normal stuff that you get from a now over-protective dad (kisses on the cheek, forehead, top of the head, lots of cradling, an intent look into his eyes every now and then, and quick diaper changes).

I decided to hold him, no help, going forward, and always one arm around him (instead of just laying him down on the Boppy on my lap).

(Originally written April 12, 2012)


Michele said...

Maybe think about a sling? My son lived in one for the first few months of his life and it gave me some hands-free time to type, eat, etc. I got a couple for me and for my husband since our sizes are different.

Aki said...

We definitely want to use a sling. We have a couple and I think I'll start using them. He was a bit too small initially so he'd just get all scrunched up at the bottom.

Michele said...

Here's a great video that might be helpful: http://www.parentingstartshere.com/index.php/2010/08/20/an-ode-to-babywearing-slings-are-safe-when-used-correctly/

Dominique said...

My son was in his car seat bucket thingy (clicks in and out of a base that stays in the car) sleeping peacefully. Got him inside and I unbuckled him as I thought he'd more comfortable as he slept (still in the bucket). Placed the bucket up on the counter and went upstairs. He must have woken up and got fussy. The base is curved to allow rocking, but he rocked himself right out, like a dump truck, onto the kitchen floor. No harm done. We kept the bucket on the floor if he was in it after that.
I also dropped spaghetti sauce on his head once as he was in a baby bjorn strapped to my chest and I stuffed my face. These things happen and make me laugh.