Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Helmet Cam - June 7, 2011 @TuesdayTheRent

One more Rent race, to psych people up for next week after this week's rain-out.

In this race it's a bit more normal, with no real technical issues. A larger field meant a higher chance of things staying together, and at the finish, it was pretty much all together.

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Ron said...

I'm learning.

So basically, just sit at the back of the field and wait until about 2/3's of a lap and just pass everyone up in traffic. That's easy. I'll write that down.

Aki said...

Yep, that's it, write it down on your stem :)

Although I move up a lot at the end of the race, I'm in constant awe of how strong the others are during the race, when things are flat out, when I'm flat out, and I'm just sitting on wheels. That means someone's pulling and putting down another 300-400-500+ more watts than me. Crazy strong.

Loren said...

Was the guy jawing at you someone who maybe was grabbing your wheel, and then got caught behind you when you let up? So mad that he didn't get quite the leadout by you that he thought he would?

Aki said...

I don't think there was anyone behind me, based on the riders passing me after the line. In fact there's no one in the clip until either Turn 2 or the backstretch after that.

The guy's comment brought back memories of SUNY Purchase Tues Sprints.

When I first started showing up at them, with literally a pack of 75-150 riders doing sprints every lap on a 2 mi loop, I learned that I could jump and that I could go pretty fast in the sprint. I always had to pass people who were not really passing each other, kind of like when two cars are side by side on the highway going 65 and 66 mph.

After one such slalom sprint (I probably changed direction 4-5 times in 200m), I had one of those "Oh shiskabob" moments where I thought maybe I did something wrong. I asked one of the ride patrons whether or not I was okay in what I did. He disgustedly replied "Yeah, you're fine" - I realized afterward that he tried to follow me, but couldn't come around me at the end.

I don't ignore feedback - it's how I improve. So, literally while on the cool down, I polled riders that I knew would be brutally honest with me. I asked how my riding was on that last lap, and asked about their thoughts - they said that I was aggressive, so with those words that other guy was right - but that they couldn't find fault in anything I did.

I think I made one mistake - I miscalculated how much room I had for the last turn. I thought I was faster and they were slower, so I thought I could clear it easily. Ends up I couldn't move back out so I had to take a less-optimal line. To me that was my one error (and I point it out), but the guys behind could have easily gone to my inside as I went wide.

The Missus and I had a talk the other night where I realized something. I said I thought I wasn't that driven. She pointed out that of course I'm driven - I upgraded to Cat 2. So this is one of those points where, yes, I'm driven, and yes, I'm aggressive. I don't do anything dangerous though, at least not consciously, because I don't want to cause someone to crash (to me the worst possible scenario), nor do I want to crash myself (totally acceptable if it's my error).

skinnystrong said...

That last lap was incredible! I don't think I've seen any of your videos where you jump that many positions in 1km. Bravo.