Monday, February 21, 2011

Doping - A Director's Assumptions

I like this article by Jonathan Vaughters. He assumed something. We all know what "assume" means (makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me"). I wish the best of luck to both him and Xavier Tondo.


bobby c said...

thx for the link, pretty cool story.

Aki said...

I should have pointed out that I didn't want to call JV an ass, which is kind of what I did. He made an assumption that, if he did some research, he probably would not have made. I make those assumptions too.

Vader said...

True, I think JV had class to admit he made a prejudgement. I appreciated that story. Thanks for posting.

BTW: Aki -- Just used BikeReg to sign up for the series. I'm trying to get some people (who are on the fence about racing) into your clinic. Looking forward to the start of a great season.


Aki said...

Thanks Steve. If they have questions they can contact me here. I see all comments before they get posted, so a comment that starts off with "please don't post this" doesn't get posted - they can include email or whatever stuff they want.