Sunday, November 07, 2010

Racing - 2011 Rule Changes


Other than the helmet cam ban failing, some other stuff happened in that meeting too, regardless of how I presented my one dimensional view of the rule change proposals :)

First, probably the most talked about proposals, the Junior bike restrictions failed.

Second, another significant thing, women cannot race with the men at Nationals. They can race with the men at states but cannot win medals.

And third, a rule proposal I didn't see, clubs can have multiple teams. Riders can race for multiple teams. This is interesting as this means, for example, a racer can do a "one off" and represent another club at a given race.

Cat 1 and 2 women may race in "older than the women are" men's Masters races.

'Cross has a default 100 field limit. So unless defined, it's 100.

Women Cat4 can have 75 racers (not 50). Includes mixed W4/etc races so any race with Cat 4
Women have a 75 field limit. This is kind of like the Cat 5 50 rider limit for men, but women start as a 4.

Sleeveless jerseys okay in TT. This rule makes it possible for triathletes to race in their standard "tri" sleeveless kits.

Junior Madison passed. It seems that now Cat 3s allowed. In addition women are allowed to race with the men since the word "men" was dropped from "Junior Men Madison".

Junior International-style Omnium passed, meaning there will be a Junior championship based on a popular international format.

SS Cross passed. Yep, single speed 'cross.

Masters Scratch race added to the Masters track events. The scratch race is like a "normal" one - first one to the finish line wins.

Masters Madison stays. That's the two-rider team that hand slings one another into the race.

So that's what I know for 2011.

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