Sunday, September 05, 2010

Equipment - Crit Bend bars

A long time ago I waxed poetically about crit bend bars. What's interesting is that no one makes them right now - the only way to get one is to buy an old stock bar. I built up my reserves with a number of crit bend bars, anxious that I'd wreck the couple I had and be stuck without likeable bars for the rest of my riding career.

So, about a minute ago, when I saw this on the Road Bike Action site (which I linked to from the Doug Report Daily Cycling News)...

Some 50th anniversay bar or something.
Who cares, though, because it's a crit bend bar! Fo' real!

I sat stunned in shock.

Can it be possible? Crit bend bars from 3ttt?

I'm not at Eurobike, but I will be at Interbike.

Stay tuned, sports fans...


Yokota Fritz said...

Pretty, and probably pricey :-)

Aki said...

Bars are getting a bit ridiculous. But then again, I'm the one who paid $100 or so for NOS crit bars. I bought my Mavic crit bars for $10 each. Ah well.