Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Bethel Spring Series - Circuit Francis J Clarke Results

Results here...


bpetrillo said...

AKI - thank you for building an awesome open women's field. Bethel was my first race 4 years ago, and will always be a favorite. The indoor registration was luxurious- nice addition!
Bridget Petrillo
Capital Velo Club/ Subaru of NE

eric@kayakbikeski said...

Hi Aki, I had a great time racing at Bethel, thank you. I was looking on USA Cycling and I did 5 of the Bethel Races and none of my races were listed in MY USA CYCLING yet. I know this is somewhat out of your control but I need those races to move up to cat 4. Your post said USAC results sent in. How long does it usually take USA Cycling to get your Bethel race results updated? Thanks again Great event, well run, professionally done and fun. Looking forward to the rest of the season and next Spring in Bethel. Eric E

Aki said...

Bridget - Thanks for the note. As you know it takes two, and if it weren't for the incredible support from the women the race wouldn't happen. So thank you for coming out to the races. I'm sure I'll see you out at the Rent and other races.

Eric - We only report the top 20 finishers in each race, and in the first week we had some problems with our camera. My understanding is that USAC will post results within a day, but I was late in posting the races. I did post them all though.

For 5->4 upgrades you'll need to keep track of your races yourself since USAC doesn't track starts, just finishes (and for Cat 5->4 you need starts, not finishes). I'll be glad to verify starts with number of starters. Just go to (no www) and my email is in the link at the bottom of each page (my name). Send me an email and I'll reply with start/stats. Hope this helps.