Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Racing - Trivia

Finally, CyclingRevealed has their trivia series going for the winter.

It's an interesting distraction. First off, I realize how little I know. Second, I realize how things I've thought significant are maybe, well, not so. And finally, it helps to see where we were as racers.

The site itself is an interesting archive and commentary on various stages of racing. I have to admit that I'm a Merckx-era onwards racing fan. I know little about Coppi or Bartali or "those guys" that raced in a black and white world (because, you know, before color, the world was black and white). Sometimes it's good to have the Cliff Notes version of history, just to get an overview.

No Googling and such for the questions. I take about 5-10 seconds to read the question, the possible answers, maybe eliminate a couple, and then click a circle.

Anyway, the first quiz is up!

(Okay, the folks there seem to be focusing on easier questions - I actually knew them all!)

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