Monday, July 20, 2009

Life - Kittens For Adoption

Note Aug 17, 2009: all kittens were adopted.

Not really cycling related but this is one way to find a home for 3 males and 1 female. The one female is the smallest of the white ones, the two larger white ones and the tabby is a male.

They're hungrier than scared.

Currently they're all at a local veternarian. We'll be picking them up Wednesday.

I think the right one is the female.

The dad. Very regal looking. He's fixed and released so not up for adoption.

Tabby contemplating risk vs reward - human nearby versus food nearby.

Tabby sneaking along.

Tabby and one white kitten decided food trumps risk.

I think the female is on the right. She's the smallest of the white ones. I think she has a full mohawk pattern on her head.

Two white kittens. I think the one on the right is the female but I don't know.

The mom and tabby.

The mom is being fixed now, and although she's currently scared of people, I think she'll come around with a lot of patience. If she's like Estelle (a cat we have for adoption), it'll be 4-6 months. We plan on releasing her. The tabby is a male.

We also have a black/white almost adult female who we call Estelle. She's been fixed, shotted, etc, and is ready to go "as is". She's friendly, a touch timid still, but based on our experience with the others, she'll be a great companion. She purrs readily, enjoys being scritched, and doesn't even mind getting her claws trimmed. She uses the litterbox and likes dry food and treats.

Rolling around.

Yawn. Or vicious snarl.

What she does most - rub up against you.


Silly pose.


Yokota Fritz said...

Your cute kitten post is a thinly veiled attempt to drive up traffic on your blog, and you know it! ;-)

Aki said...

Arg my secret is discovered. Got 152,439 hits though.

lol. Not.