Sunday, June 14, 2009

Helmet Cam - 2009 Nutmeg State Games

Ah. Exciting races means faster editing.

Okay, it helps if the missus, despite a cold, had a girls' night out last night. Then, this morning, she was ill enough for me to drive her to the doctor's office. She basically passed out for the rest of the day. So I looked after her hand and foot (not "hand over foot" as I first said to her).

This means I nuked some soup for her.

And I sat at the computer for much of the day editing away.

The results, the first 2009 Helmet Cam Clip: the 2009 Nutmeg State Games, Cat 3.

First, without music, because I learned today that the new Windows Movie Maker doesn't like MP3s now.

Second, with music, because I learned that Microsoft released a Windows Media Encoder (with Vista hotfix), which I now have and use.



Sean said...

hey Aki - sorry I couldnt make it to watch, but thats a fun clip. Congrats on 2nd, though you were sooo close to first in state, and race for that matter! that bites. At least you avoided the chaos. hopefully I can start riding again and see you out there. let me know if you are in the area, maybe we can meet up.

DanielS said...

Love your race videos! My heart was racing at the end there. Very impressed by your ability to move up in a field like that. Great stuff.

Colin R said...

Love these videos. Makes me want nothing to do with crit racing though!

wanders said...

I'm with DanielS on the heart racing just watching it.

Excellent video and congrats on 2nd.