Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Racing - Ee-Haw*

*Ee-Haw = East Hartford, or "The Rent" as they call Rentschler Field.

The East Hartford Tuesday Night World Championships (boasting rights good for one week) start off... well, they were supposed to start last week. But they cancel if the tarmac is wet, and last week it was pouring.

This week it's supposed to be 30% chance of thundershowers, or something like that. In Connecticut that means it could be pouring rain with thunder and lightning, or it could be a bright sunny day.

If you're looking to do the race, you can follow their Twitter account, Tuesday@TheRent. They'll update with any misgivings "T-storms predicted... keep updated here to find out if the races are happening on the 12th".

Since this is Day Two of my M-Tu-W training block, I hope the race goes on. If not, well, it'll be a sufferfest in the basement. Or something like that.

I think next year I'll twitter the Bethel Spring Series status. What a great idea.


Anonymous said...

Few things:

1) Great write up as always. Nice to see your training going well and your legs and mind refreshed.

2) I think I'll see you at the rent next week.

3) I met a college friend of yours yesterday. His name is Tony, and he went to UConn with you. Said he raced horses in college and saw you riding around all the time.

4) Would make this longer but have an organic exam tomorrow.

Take care :)

-Young Rider (I think we should change that tag soon. I'm not getting any younger)

Aki said...

YR - 1. Thanks. 2. K @rent. 3. I can't remember anyone racing horses. Horses? 4. Good luck on the exam.

You'll have to start a blog and then we can use the blog's initials. How's that? :)

Rishabh Phukan said...

I do have a blog, but I need to get better at writing in it.

I should make that an occasional study break. Heh.

(Formerly Young Rider or YR)

Aki said...

I was going to say that study breaks can be mentally productive, kind of like easy days in a hard training cycle. But then I realized that I'm the one that never got a scholarship, my grades dropped dangerously low every spring, and I barely finished school (although, I have to say, I finished it well - like a sprint I suppose). So keep studying!