Thursday, July 03, 2008


Yeah. Sick. When the Dayquil or Nyquil or Vicks wears off, I'm running about a 2 degree fever. Since I'm normally at 96 or so degrees F, almost 99 is a tad high for me. Bummer because I wanted to ride yesterday and it was beautiful outside. Instead I lay in bed, delirious. Such is life.

I suppose I have to practice hitting elevator buttons with my elbow. And bump elbows instead of shaking hands.

Luckily we have no elevators here at home.


mattio said...

at least you get to stay inside and play Pro Cycling Manager!

i'm interested in the trial of the track version. not gonna lie.

Aki said...

I wish I could have played PCM but I was laid out in bed the whole day. Alas, I haven't played since I started planning out the year. Arg.

Track version seems interesting, if only for the more close up tactics. With the time compression in the road game, an attack takes 2-3-4 km, the sprint is 2+ km, and it takes 10 km to do anything significant. I suppose that might be like a pro, but for a mere Cat 3, well, I can't relate to a 10 km attack :)