Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Equipment - I Want This Bike!


So as not to freak out the missus, no, I have not tried to get one. Yet. But, man, talk about a bike that would fit yours truly.

52 cm seat tube. Not a big deal - I have one now.

58 (!) cm top tube.

Holy smolies. That's 5 cm longer than my current top tube. I might even go down to a 12 cm stem! Maybe even an 11 cm stem.

And it's stiffer and all that.

Look, the mold's already there. It wouldn't take much to just, you know, lay a few pieces of carbon in there, some resin, do whatever hocus pocus they do, and then borrow a bit of carbon fiber oven time to cure the thing.

Heck, it's made in Pennsylvania. That's only, what, a 7 or 8 hour drive away? I could do the lay up. Just give me some of that carbon fiber... wait, I could even buy the stuff. Well, I could at least pay for it. I think you can buy that stuff on the internet. If you can buy steroids, you should be able to buy carbon fiber.

Then I could do the work in the Bedford factory. You know, on the real workers' lunch hour. They'll be munching on sandwiches or going on their ride or doing both at the same time and I'll be carefully laying down one of hundreds of pieces of carbon into whatever a mold is.

Or however all that works.

Abracadabra and all that too.

I promise I won't reveal any production secrets to anyone.

Maybe they could justify it as a spare bike for Bennati. If that's the case, I'll hold two for him. Just in case he needs a bike in, say, the Nutmeg State Games. Or whatever other Pro race he might enter in the area. If he does one of those big races we could put one of the bikes on the team car, the other on the neutral support car. And afterwards, for safe keeping, I could take care of the bikes.

For safe keeping, of course. I could even bring myself to ride the bikes, to make sure everything keeps working.

So, Cannondale, what do you say?


Il Bruce said...

Yikes. I have a 61cm seat tube, 58cm tt and 120 stem.

I am 6'2" and have a hard time finding shirts with long enough sleeves.

52 x 58 just blows my mind.

Anonymous said...

You totally freaked me out....until I got to the part about not freaking me out....