Friday, May 23, 2008

Equipment - Blackburn Workstand

Unfortunately this thing isn't made anymore, but if someone you know is getting rid of one, you should get it. I like it because it's simple, light, and easy to use. I bad mouthed it at the beginning but at that time I had a 70 pound based professional Park stand and everything else seemed... light.

Now that I'm in the real world, especially since I now live in an apartment type place, it's come in real handy. And I wish I hadn't decided against it so early on.

This is a "Part One" post since I have a bazillion pictures of "How to Clean a Bike". To get things started I'll just show you the stand I used in the process.

Okay, that's it on the buckets, the silver bar thing. Not much to look at, right?

Ah, when you remove the cap it becomes a bit more obvious. There are three aluminum tubes in there, capped on one end in black plastic, threaded on the opposite one.

I have the three legs out (threaded side visible) and I'm showing you the rear two legs on the main "bar" where the word "Workhorse" appears. I think if they had four legs it'd have been better, but maybe it would have added too much cost and complexity.

Here it is set up, the bike in the background. Takes about a minute to set up. Note the sliding front skewer holder - you can move it to fit your bike. Technically you're supposed to be able to mount your bike backwards but I think I'm missing some spacers or something.

Now the bike is there. See how I think the front should have two legs, not one? Also, the stand has an unnerving way of tilting back just a bit. Two front legs would have helped. This tendency to "wheelie" was my main criticism when I first used it.

Close up of how the bottom bracket is supported.

Okay, that was quick and easy. Next up, how to clean the bike.

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