Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bethel Spring Series - Circuit de Francis J Clarke

Cat 5 Race 1 Name Team
1 Mike Festa Unattached
2 Gregory Henry Unattached
3 Rishabh Phukan Wesleyan University - Cardinal Velo
4 Bart McDonough Target Training
5 Alec Bernard Staples Bike Club
6 Logan Piepmeier Wesleyan University - Cardinal Velo
7 Jeremy Weemhoff Unattached
8 Frank DeLio Unattached
9 Pierre Vittori Unattached
10 Carlos Fonseca Unattached
11 Edward Novak Yorktown Cycles
12 Geert Mol Unattached
13 Mark Underwood Yorktown Cycles
14 Gregory McCoy Unattached
15 Jerome Jousse Unattached
16 Scott Gibson Unattached
17 Pat Bisesto Bethel Cycle
18 George Jones Unattached
19 David Juneau Tokeneke / Team Mossman
20 Frank Priest Westwood Velo

Cat 5 Race 2 (Points for Overall in this race only)
1 Guido Wollmann Unattached
2 Andrew Nasca Bikeway
3 Denis Adiletti Bethel Cycle
4 Brian Amen Unattached
5 Brendan Delamere Unattached
6 Evan Thomas1 Unattached
7 Frank O'Reilly Unattached
8 Hank Osborn Unattached
9 Thomas Thornton Target Training
10 John Ercolani Cycle Fitness Cycling Club
11 Michael Colabella Connecticut Coast Cycling
12 Will Regan Unattached
13 Mark Sullivan Unattached
14 Kyle Herlihy Unattached
15 Alex Salazar H V V C
16 Esteban Sequera Unattached
17 Jim Reid Bethel Cycle
18 Herman Tola Cafeteros
19 Justin Tyberg Bethel Cycle

Cat 4 Name Team
1 Christopher Thomas Cycle Center Racing
2 eugene doherty Team DC Racing
3 Anthony Santomassimo Stage 1
4 Brian Kelley Pawling Cycle & Sport
5 Anthony Troiano Unattached
6 Lee Davis Pawling Cycle & Sport
7 Chuck Litty Bethel Cycle
8 Rick Magee Bethel Cycle
9 Eduardo Atehortua Cafeteros Cycling Club
10 John Romano Bethel Cycle
11 Patrick Dietz DKNY / Signature Cycles
12 Pedro Sanchez DC Racing / Danny's Cycles
13 Jay Vincent Cycle Center Racing
14 Carey Jackson Yonce Unattached
15 Steven Suto Bethel Cycle
16 Andrew Kalter Connecticut Coast
18 Peter Frenzilli Unattached
19 tom siano Dannys Cycles
20 Patrick Dietz DKNY / Signature Cycles

Juniors Name Team
1 Kyle Foley ACT
2 Ryan Storm Target Training
3 Max Kaplan Colavita Racing
4 Leon Lyakovetsky Connecticut Coast
5 Andy Gallagher Liberty Cycle

Women Name Team
1 Andrea Myers Team Kenda Tire
2 Ann Marie Miller Metro Sanchez
3 Maria Quiroga CRCA / Radical Media
4 Amanda Braverman Cycle Center Racing
5 Dale Malkames USI
6 Elena Leznik CRCA
7 Peta Takai CRCA / Avenue A Razorfish
8 Michelle Faurot Connecticut Coast Cycling
9 Stacey Smith CT Coast Cycling
11 Lisa Force CRAC / Comedy Central
12 Nancy Ford USI
13 Audrey Friedrichsen Scott Unattached
14 Rebecca Hussey Bethel Cycle Sport Club
15 Rebecca Koh CRAC / Comedy Central
16 Maria Vlasak Connecticut Coast Cycling
17 Catlin McVarish Connecticut Coast Cycling

Masters 40+ Name Team
1 Robert Lattanzi CRCA / Sid's Cannondale
2 Max Lippolis Target Training
3 John Funk Cycle Fitness
4 Morgan Stebbins CRCA/Sids-Cannondale
5 Abdul Kabia Target Training
6 Rich Foley Clinton Cycling Club
7 Brian Wolf Bethel Cycle Sport
8 Wayne Kirk Mystic Velo Club
9 Christopher DiMattio Bethel Cycle Sport
10 Jim Escobar Honeywell
11 #N/A #N/A #N/A
12 #N/A #N/A #N/A
13 Randy Kirk Cycle Center Racing
14 Donald LaBonte Main Line Cycling
15 Eduardo Atehortua Cafeteros Cycling Club
16 #N/A #N/A #N/A
17 Max Viega Target Training
18 Jay Vincent Cycle Center Racing
19 Rick Spear Target Training
20 Scott Loring Unattached

Cat 3/4 Name Team
1 Stephen Gray Bethel Cycle Sport
2 Joe Straub Signature Cycles/ DKNY
3 Mike Andrews Connecticut Coast Cycling
4 Christopher Chaput Affinity Cycles
5 Joseph Regan Bethel Cycle Sport
6 Kim Riseth Jonathan Adler Racing
7 Akira Sato Connecticut Coast
8 Juan Pimentel CRCA / Global Locate
9 Vinicius Tavares CRCA
10 Antony Slokar CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing
11 John Morales cafeteros cycling club
12 Patrick Dietz DKNY / Signature Cycles
13 Brian Kelley Pawling Cycle & Sport
14 #N/A #N/A #N/A
15 Peter Hurst Connecticut Coast Cycling
16 Jeffery Ferraro Greater Hartford Cycling Club
17 Glenn Babikian Signature Cycles/ DKNY
18 Jim Escobar Honeywell
19 Salvatore Abbruzzese CRCA / Blue Ribbon
20 Andreas Runggatscher DKNY Signature Cycles

Pro/1/2/3 Name Team
1 * Jacob Hacker Unattached
1* Anthony Alessio Stage 1
3 Stephan Badger TARGETRAINING
4 Christopher Fisher Unattached
5 Chad Butts Champion Systems
6 Ernest Tautkus Exodus Road Racing
7 James Thomas Breaking Away Bicycles
8 Bret Arthurs Evolution Cycling
9 Stephen Gray Bethel Cycle Sport
10 Robert Marcinko Connecticut Coast Cycling
11 peter petrillo CVC/Subaru of New England
12 John-Paul Kaminski Connecticut Coast Cycling
13 Ron Fantano Sommerville Sports
14 Christopher Pile CRCA / Remax
15 Monte Frank Zephyr
16 Matthew Baldwin TARGETRAINING
17 Kim Riseth Jonathan Adler Racing
18 Connor Sallee CRCA JrDev/Orbea
19 Michael Norton Caylon Pro Cycling
20 Christopher Kohnle CCNS / Pdeal Power


Max Caspescha said...

Just wanted to say thanks for promoting the Bethel Spring Series once again this year. It was a blast! I also wanted to thank you for helping me out after I crashed. I am just wondering what the name of that clear bandage that I can put on was. I know that there is Second Skin but what was it that you recommended? Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

aki....way to go! great series this year, well run. All of us are very hapy that these races are here so that we can have an excuse to get out of doing housework durring the spring!good luck the rest of the season

Aki said...

Max - check out Tegaderm, you can find it at a CVS or RiteAid. Get gauze to put over it - you'll need to cover all the Tegaderm with gauze (and tape) so that the Tegaderm stays put, otherwise it'll snag on clothing and peel off.

Oh, clean out the wound first using that numbing antiseptic. Remember to let the pad sit first before you scrub. Then put some ointment on - Neosporin or similar.

I hope your hip is okay too. Tegaderm is only good for abrasions, so if you have a bruise, you'll just have to be careful.

Eat lots of protein and you should recover quickly.

Anon - yeah, I got excused out of a lot of things. But now I have to get back to some of those things. I'm glad people could use the Series as an excuse just like I could :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aki. Badger Here. Why are the bethel races categorized as Road Race with USA Cycling?

Mr. Mushy G said...

Great Series once again Aki! It has to be difficult racing and promoting/working at the same time.
Hey, I went back to pick up a water bottle I threw off to the side, forgot to grab it yesterday. I was glad to still see it there (I don't like to litter). I also picked up a yellow wind breaker that someone left, it has the SOBE lizzard on the back, anyone own it?

Aki said...

Badger - not sure why. I have to check how we filed our permit, but we specifically say it's a crit somewhere. Or maybe we don't. Ironic that I place in a "road race".

MushyG - I can't believe I missed those items. Our rule is after two years the stuff is ours. lol. As one guy (who runs training camps and such) pointed out, he ends up with tons and tons of stuff, all left behind, all nice, all useless to him. He donates it to a cycling group.

Anonymous said...

Aki,I raced the masters and finished 12th. Had to review the tape to get my number,429.Thanks for a great spring series. Snowman

Anonymous said...

Aki. Badger here. "placed?" YOU WON A ROAD RACE in 2008!

thats hot.

Aki said...

I also "placed" at Jiminy Peak one year. They gave me 6th place. I don't know how, I was OTB after the first lap, got in my car, and probably got home when they finalized the results.

heh. Imagine me a road racer.