Friday, December 28, 2007

The Sprinter Della Casa


"This 40 year old US cyclist is the Sprinter Della Casa."

Okay, so it's in German. But still, it's kinda cool :) My specialty (this word is probably not translated properly), according to the author, is to race with a camera, supplement with music and subtitles, and post on YouTube.

It's interesting what others get from the blog. I didn't even start it - my last lead out man sort of led me out and started the whole thing. And initially we thought it'd be about doping. Then it got into some tactics, some how to stuff, and now, well, it's sort of a mish mash of specific equipment reviews, tactics, how tos, and stories. Since I buy everything I review, I can't review too much stuff, and I try not to buy silly things. The tactics, well, that's what I thought the blog would cover. The How To things started when I saw some pretty flabbergasting ideas on the internet on how to do certain things (not that my opinions come under attack, but that's a different topic altogether). And stories, well, I love telling stories, and people seem to think that somehow I've experienced more than they have.

I'm sitting here at the computer because I forgot to charge my cell phone. Since I was contemplating heading up into Never Never Land (a.k.a. Massachusetts), I figured a cell phone would be a good thing. Since it doesn't take forever to charge the phone I decided to map my potential routes (short and long) while the phone charged.

I'm also listening to music, specifically Midnight Oil, something I haven't had a chance to do for a while.

Ah, phone is charged. Short, since it's getting late. I don't ride much more than 17 mph on a good day so I'll add an hour loop around town after my "short" ride. The Long route will have to wait for another nice day since I'll need at least 5 hours to finish it.

I have to get into shape, see, because I've joined the honorable CT Coast Cycling team, and, well, I don't want to let them down. My current goal is to do a typical month of training (for me, in mid-2007, it was about 10 hours per month, maybe less) each 7 to 10 days. After 4 to 5 months worth of training (i.e. by the end of January), I'll be flying. I hope. With another 3-4 "months" of training in February, I figure I should be in pretty good shape come March. That or I'll be toasted. I don't think I'll be toasted since I used to train like this back in the days I raced well. And this is my first self imposed goal. To race well in March 2008.

So, off to my ride. And I'll try and sprint after something while I'm out there.


Yokota Fritz said...

So why do I have to go to a German blog to find your YouTube videos? Put a link in your sidebar already!

And Happy New Year, Sprinter.

P.S. The videos look good.

Aki said...

lol. I tried to put the link to the YouTube videos on the right bar - under "Links". But I haven't really made it clear so maybe no one has noticed.

Anyway, there is a link to the YouTube clips, the first link under the Links section. Maybe I'll make it its own section.

Happy New Year back to you, a bit early.

Aki said...

Incidentally my ride went pretty slowly. I happened to choose a lot of roads which were on the shady side of the terrain so it was cold and wet and miserable.

Of course a Cyclenauts guy passed me like I was standing still on the biggest climb of the day.

Also, I swear that I raced some of these roads when I was 16 years old, including the Water Street road. I'll have to find out if anyone knows the race routes to verify.