Friday, December 29, 2006

Interview with Citizen Dick; Rants and Awards

A couple of interesting posts before the long weekend that I found while bouncing around the bike blogging world and internet this morning:

From the sidebar over at Rant Your Head Off:
If you’re old enough to remember the 1980s, perhaps you remember the song The Politics of Dancing by Reflex. Change the word “dancing” to “doping” in the song, and it takes on a whole new meaning.

Magazine has an interview with Dick Pound of WADA in their January 2007 issue and on their website entitled, "The Righteous Fury of Dick Pound". Living up to his reputation, Mr. Pound provides some choice quotes - especially at the the very end of the article. RYHF from above has an interesting post on the article and someone posted an equally interesting comment to the post/article. (Scroll down to "Irony, Thy Name is Dick")


VeloNews has been announcing the winners of their annual awards and they have a story about their 2006 International Cyclist of the Year, Alessandro Valverde. Two things caught my eye in the story: the first is how they [correctly] describe him as a "climber/sprinter" - two terms that are not usually used to describe the same rider [Right, Aki?]. The second is that they label his new home a "Euro-style McMansion" I guess I shouldn't be surprised to hear that Europe has upscale cookie-cutter housing tracts like we do, but I am. I wonder if theirs are beige stucco, too, and have bloated euphemistic names like "Kensington Estates" and "The Manor at Horizon Crest Meadows" (For an interesting (and funny) read on this non-sequiteur topic, check this blog out). I can only imagine how the Spanish versions of these would read. Anyone like to take a stab?

Happy New Year!

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Aki said...

Climber/sprinter - usually not a phrase used to describe one racer. But there are some exceptions, and then I think maybe something weird is going on. There are riders that were once sprinters and then could climb reasonably well - like Jalabert and Kelly. Perhaps Lemond could be considered both.

A light sprinter ought to be able to climb and if they got the the end of a hilly stage in the front group, they'd easily win the sprint.

So maybe someone who can get over the climbs and can still sprint is considered to be a climber/sprinter.

Only Valverde seems to be able to sprint and climb. It seems unnatural to me, sort of like Museeuw, who was my favorite rider for the longest time.

Oh and for the record I'd like a semi-McMansion - just not on a 1/3 acre subdevelopment. And not something ginormous like some of the houses I've seen lately.