Monday, January 04, 2010

Tsunami Frameset - Base Coat - Ultrasound #4

Base coat means there'll be a top coat, and that means, usually, there will be two colors in one.

When the base coat is silver-ish, it usually means the top coat will be a tinting one, like a transluscent red.

That example would be called Candy Red.

I'm using that example because the frame will NOT be that color. I can't wait to see the frame when it's done. This should be pretty cool.

Shiny bauble. Precious.

A view from a bit further away.

Eagle-eyed readers may notice some weird fittings on the first picture - it's actually the bottom of the downtube and seat tube, so it shows the housing stops for the derailleur and brake cables.

Paint emphasizes any finish imperfections, and although I'm not necessarily looking for a jewel-like finish, this is a nice surprise.

One thing's for sure - I won't need to worry about the housing stops breaking off.

And another thing's for sure too. This anticipation is killing me. I feel like a kid again.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Aki, I can't enjoy your enthusiasm about your new frame.
I come from a more "purest" idealology and cannot get too excited when I see welds like that.
Maybe you will change my mind if come across the line first a few times.

Aki said...

I agree that this is definitely an "industrial" frame, not one to, say, showcase at NAHBS.

However it reminds me of the M2 S-Works frame I had a while back which I was fine with. And I'm really looking forward to the whole fit bit, which is the main point of the whole thing.

Also I have plans for the frame so it'll be a bit different looking once I get done with it.