Monday, January 18, 2010

Tsunami Frame - Birth

I can't resist, especially after everyone asking me about the frame yesterday. I was going to keep the color a secret until the bike went together but...


Color revealed. It's lighter in real life (apparently).

I'm normally pretty boring. Just ask the missus about the house I had redone. White bathroom. Tan kitchen. Beige carpet. Grey house. Black roof.

Functional, yes.

Decorative? Not so much.

I'm also pretty relaxed about my bike, at least as far as how it looks. Yeah, I have a beautiful SystemSix in Liquigas colors, but I'd have gotten it regardless of color. I got it for the SRM, the Record kit, the BB30, the light and stiff frame.

Appearancewise it happened to come in that green/black, which, on any given day, I'd have skipped. Too busy, not very discrete, but hey. That's the way it came so I took it.

With the Tsunami I was pretty lax about the color. Due to the team kit for 2010 I felt it somewhat necessary to limit the options to the red/brown spectrum. I included the ever-trustworthy (but boring) grey/white/black choices. I gave Joseph the option - White, Black, Grey, Red, Orange, or whatever he felt like that kind of worked with the kit (and my initial pics had me in my kit).

We kind of agreed on a Candy Red, but it didn't seem too important to me so I didn't bother confirming and all that. As long as the frame didn't show up in a perfect non-matching color (like blue/green) I'd be happy.

Just as a reminder, this is what I looked like in those pics I sent Joseph:

From the original post here.

(I peeked. I weighed about five pounds more than I do now. I feel lighter than five pounds lighter though, does that count?)

Anyway, Joseph admitted that his own bike wore a standard orange coat, and although he had done a bike in Candy Red recently, he was curious how a Candy Orange would turn out. Would I mind a Candy Orange?

Candy Orange it was.

To be perfectly honest, the orange is nice. It's obnoxious to a point (think of it - how many orange cars do you see?). It matches the kit's middle. That's good since I'll be sporting a black/grey helmet to match the kit's edges.

It's also a good color in general. Not too much orange after the Orbea craze died down a bit.

Of course now I'm salivating over getting the frame. Unfortunately, if you look at the picture, it was taken in the Tsunami Bike's birthing room, not my bike room. It'll be another week or so before it arrives.


At least it'll give me time to buy some of the last minute stuff for the frame - chain, cables, I don't know what else...


Yaniel Cantelar said...

loving the orange! i'm been dying for an orange frame and may just paint mine. one of my previous cars was an orange "big turbo" srt4.

Anonymous said...

Shoulda gone with metallic purple ala trek from the 80's!

The orange is a hot close second though!

Can't wait to see it built up!!!

Anonymous said...

What kind of parts are you going to hang on it?

Aki said...

I'm psyched for the orange. I wasn't really thinking orange at first, but when Joseph suggested it, I thought why not. Now I've totally drunk the (orange-colored) Kool Aid and I'm anxious to get it.

Parts - see post for Jan 20. Basically I'll be using parts off my two Giants, except the SRM crankset off the Cannondale. Pretty straightforward actually.