Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life - the Kitties

Because it's slow, and because I'm realizing that the kittens are more like kitties now, I wanted to share some cat stuff with all you guys out there.

First off, we'll have 5 more kittens to adopt out, minus two females (someone wants them). There's a sleek black mom cat too, but we plan on re-releasing her to join Grey and the white adult I'll call White (not sure if it's a male or female).

The five kittens are colored as follows: 4 just like Hal/Riley (white with grey mohawk), 1 just like Bella (grey sort of tabby). They are probably 3-4 weeks old right now - the mom is still extremely protective of them but they eat both wet and dry food and they're running around underneath the building.

We aren't going to be taking them in because we simply can't add to the 6 + 1 we have now (6 cats - Lilly, Tiger, Mike, Hal, Bella, Riley - and Estelle, who wants a home too but is living in ours for now).

Front to back - Our permanent residents: Lilly (8 yrs old?), Tiger (3), Riley (under 1, F), Mike (under 1, M), Bella (under 1, F), and Hal (under 1, M).

The three smallest kittens still had no collars at this point. Mike was big enough to have his black collar with reflective piping (the skulls and crossbones one didn't meet muster).

Riley (left) and Hal being symmetrical.

If only... (Hal up top, Bella and Riley below)

Ah... (Bella and Hal)

Don't leave without me!

We took down the curtain tops after these pictures.

The two girls relaxing on the stairs. Bella (above), Riley below. Riley is the shyest of our bunch although she's coming around.

However she posed for this one. She has a collar at this point, pastel pink.

So does Hal. Pastel blue.

Bella (left) and Mike. They aren't quite as symmetrical as Hal and Riley.

Bella likes her paws tucked in - I call it the "chicken" pose. Mike likes his paws out, sort of like he's holding aero bars.

Joined by the others. Lilly is playing coy - she thinks the kids are a bit too energetic. If you look carefully you can see some pink petals. They're from...

...the first annuals the kitties have seen. Or smelled.

Cat fort. I like making cat forts.

If you lift the roof... Bella is in one bedroom. Lilly is in another behind her. We have three roofed bedrooms for them too.

Bella, you'll notice, has the bling-bling collar - gold.

Oh. I think we interrupted Mike and Riley. Better put the roof back down.

Bella, chillin'

At some point soon, Estelle, and then the yet-to-be-caught ones.


Suitcase of Courage said...

Absolutely adorable pics!

I can't believe you got the one of Bella leaping.

Aki said...

One in a thousand shot for sure. The only other digital motion picture I got was one of the Saeco director waving to us (he knew one of our group, and we had some weird National Championship jersey from one of the team riders - Lithuania? - which we were waving). He drove by at 30 mph and somehow I got a pic of him waving and smiling.

ridethecliche said...

Heh, life posts!
Kitties are cute as always.

I think you'll find my last 2 posts entertaining to say the least.

Aki said...

last 2 posts?

Rishabh said...

On my blog I meant.

Sorry, doofus moment for me...