Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bethel Spring Series - No Race but Sick

Snow cancels Bethel. Disappointing, yes, especially since it really hasn't snowed today.

But I felt exhausted during the day, like everything caught up to me all at once. Slept tons last night, ate a bit, slept more in the afternoon, and I still feel totally drained. I feel lucky that the weather allowed me to cancel the race because I'd have been a wreck if the race had been on. I mean, yeah, my actual riding would have suffered, but I think I'd have spent most of the day passed out in the van.

Speaking of which... Friday I picked up the van and it has heat, the defroster works (very well), and it drives "normal". I was told to put more miles on it (5k miles in 6 years?) so stuff doesn't stop working from non-use. At least I'd have had heat if we had the race today.

Now to try and find some health before next week.

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