Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bethel Spring Series 2009 - Criterium de Bethel Results

Results are here.

It would have been a perfectly fine day for racing (minus the rain in the Cat 5s) - misty, overcast, but no real rain. With tiny fields reminiscent of 1993 (although back then we would have been happy), the races ended up unpredictable. Working on getting the overall up but there were some doozies today.


Anonymous said...

Hey Aki,

I have a quick question for you that may or may not have a quick response.

I'm not sure how upgrade points work in mixed races.

I got 14th in the 3/4 race last week, and I'm wondering if I have to report my placing out of all the CAT 4's in order to get points. I can email an official if that makes more sense since I don't think the rulebook talks about it in the upgrades section.


tyrade said...

NOW it all makes sense. The girls weren't screaming, "Daddy!". They were screaming, "Doherty!!" I couldn't quite place it as we made the first turn each lap.

I didn't start the break in the first few laps in the 4 field, it was the one and only, Eugene "Doherty!!" who lit it up on the very first lap. I joined him because I couldn't stomach even one more lap at the blistering 22-23 mph pace the Cat 4's have been setting this year.

When I got up to Eugene, we chatted some. It must be his (Irish or Scottish) accent the girls like so much ;-)

Aki said...

YR - you'll need to contact Diane Fortini at, or if you license is in elsewhere (PA?), the rep there.

tyrade - One was yelling for her dad, and both were yelling for Doherty. But since they didn't know how to say his name, they yelled his number and his team. lol