Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yeah of all times to get sick. Stomach something. Horrible. It must have started last Saturday as my stomach wasn't normal. Worse and worse during the week. And today I took off. Chills, hot, cold, I don't know what's happening.

I ate a couple times. Drank some tea. And that's about it.



suitcaseofcourage said...

Oh man - that's awful! No time is a good time to be sick - but now of ALL times! Hope you get better soon!!

Aki said...

All my wistful end of the season blues and it was really me getting sick.

And the future missus just called to report she has the same symptoms...

The kicker is I've promised to help promote a race Sunday so I have to travel back Sat night then back home Sunday, and we're nowhere near moved out.

Arg. Again.