Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life - Moving, Stage 2b, PODS dropoff

The PODS saga continued on with the drop off of the PODS unit at the future missus's office lot. The townhouse complex doesn't allow such a thing to sit for more than a day so the only other possibility was the office 2.5 miles away.

We got a nice pickup truck (not full size as I thought - it was a mid-size truck) and the big van for the move. As a sort of scheduling bonus we loaded the van up at the house so we'd have that much less to move later.

I decided to "top off" the van and went to the house to pick up a few things. I ended up a few hours late, much to the consternation of the future missus. That was fair as even I didn't know I'd be gone for more than 30 or 40 minutes, but when I got a surge of energy at around 9 PM, I decided to ride it out till it was gone. It took till almost midnight.

We came up to the townhouse the next day (after staying for literally just the night at my brother's house). We planned on meeting a couple of friends (Todd and Donna) at 11 AM, but we needed to get the keys for the townhouse at 9. Once we did that, we did a walk around, realized it was going to be hot (hottest day of the year or something like that), and she went to get air conditioners while I started unloading the van.

We pretty much finished the van by the time Todd and Donna showed up, took time for lunch, moved some more stuff, and waited for the PODS guy to call. He did, we went to the office, and relaxed in the air conditioning until he showed up.

I saw the guy deliver the PODS to the house so for me it was old news but the other three hadn't seen it so went out to watch. I could hear the "oohs" and "aahs" and couldn't resist going out to watch whoever it was work.

I walked out there and said to my other, "You know, that guy looks like the guy that delivered the PODS." So I walked closer and sure enough, it was him.

So I asked him.

"Hey, you're the guy that delivered the PODS to the house!"
He looked at me like I was speaking Japanese to him.
"Right, you know, I think it'd be hard to remember a delivery from March."
He scratched his head so I continued my monologue.
"I don't know if you remember but I came out and videotaped you (motioning like I have a camcorder)"
His eyes lit up.
"Right! You live on the corner and I had to (and he motioned turning the PODS around a corner)".
We laughed.
He kept working.
And we had our PODS back.

As soon as he pulled the PODzilla thing away, we opened the door. We let the mattress slide out and we saw the inside of the PODS. I must have collapsed in exhaustion because when I turned around, the friendly PODS guy Keith was asking, from 50 yards away, with a thumbs up.

I gave him a thumbs up and he grinned and drove off.

The rest of the day was a hellacious day, hot, humid, and tiring. Lots of heavy lifting - probably literally tons of lifting. Getting the washer into the pickup was the hardest thing - getting it down was the second hardest.

The second most challenging thing of the day was getting the last few pieces into the van on the second round at the PODS - but we managed, after about 15 minutes of cussing, to get the sofa seat and three tables into a space that our cat would consider a bit tight.

The most challenging thing we did was get the box spring up into the bedroom. The box spring scraped the rug, wall, the other wall, and the ceiling of the stairway. And we had to make a U-turn at the top. Todd and I tried to get the box spring up to the second floor but simply couldn't. I pointed out that tilting the box spring level would require the tail to come up a bit - and since it was already scraping paint off the ceiling, it wasn't a likely proposition. This was a bit distressing. So, like an ostrich, we decided to move everything in around it and figure out what to do later.

My other asked a random friendly blonde walking by us (earlier she asked us "Don't you love moving?") if she had a queen size bed upstairs and she did. Armed with that knowledge, Todd decided that the box spring was going upstairs, my plane geometry arguments notwithstanding.

I'll give you a hint. It's called a box spring, not a box or a box box. And I virtually failed out of engineering in school, so my plane geometry might need some touching up.

Anyway, that thing sprung a lot. We scraped more paint and plaster off the various walls and ceilings but it somehow tilted down, tail went up, went into the bathroom, popped around a wall, and slid into the bedroom.

We pretty much called it a day after that, with just a few detail things done, and went out for dinner after cleaning up a bit. Since Todd drove, both myself and the future missus indulged and had a few drinks (i.e. three drinks between the two of us).

We got back to the townhouse and passed out, exhausted after a 14 or so hour day.

Sunday we get to do more the same. Packing up more of the House - garage, basement, my office, and a bit of the kitchen. And move it up north.



C4 said...

While I have no clue about the place where you've moved too my wife and I went through the same bed shenanigans when we moved into a townhouse and tried to get our queen upstairs.

After repeated failures we went to the office to ask them how to get it up and they said they'd have the maintenance guys pop the windows and lift it upstairs through them. No clue if that'd work for you place, but if and when you move out it couldn't hurt to ask.

Aki said...

Todd and I thought of the same thing but the windows upstairs are "one window" wide - about enough for a person to crawl through but that's about it.

The kicker was the friendly blonde who said that they have a queen. Same floor plan etc. So Todd decided it had to be possible.

We'll be moving at some point (that's the plan anyway) as we decided to move in here after we couldn't find a house we liked. So we signed a short term lease. I figure that we'll either get the box spring down or let the moving guys figure it out. lol.