Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shartkozawa - it's really official now

I guess it's really official now. After USA Cycling got the Shartkozawa Classic XV permitted in absolute record time, the Wilton Bulletin (the local paper) called and will send a photographer to take pictures at the start. I pointed out it's a really low key ride with 4-6 riders but after the caller read a bit about the ride, she said that it sounds really cool and she'd like to send someone to take pics.

So find all your new team gear and get it ready. It'll probably be one of the first times your jersey will be in the paper this year. Clip and send to your sponsor(s).

Sunday Feb 25, 10 AM, in the Wilton Stop and Shop parking lot.

Remember, Carpe Diem Promotions pays all fees. You just have to fill out and sign a release form.

See you out there!


a.d.j. said...

You drew the map for the course, ya? I like it.

Aki said...

heh yeah I did. Then made photocopies for the riders. This was before the time of computers.

glad you like it lol