Monday, February 19, 2007

California - Day Thirteen - wrapping up

My mom used to call all those extra scenes at the end of a movie "snake's legs" - unnecessary, in other words.

Today is the "snake's legs" day, packing up, cleaning up, and generally recovering before going to work tomorrow. Luckily it's raining so I don't feel like I ought to be out there training.

Overall I feel a lot better than yesterday when I nodded off leaning on the babyseat next to me.

Last year I returned home and learned that two other local riders were in the area at about the same time. But they were a LOT faster than me (they were also Cat 2's or 1's). It might be that they were honing form rather than searching for it. Although I can't say I honed too much form, I definitely gained some. I'll have to take some measurements at home to have some objective numbers.

I've eaten enough for the rest of the day. Now to pack my bike (the rest is pretty much done) and I'll be off.

See you on the other side.


Isma said...

They say "It never rains in southern California"... interesting.

GMF said...

Isma, you're right. That's what they say about my home. But it actually rains about 10 days per year in SoCal. Maybe.