Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fun - Trivia Monday

CyclingRevealed's Trivia Monday returns for this winter. It's the second week now but if you didn't take the first quiz you can still take it (I just did). Just don't peek. No Googling either.

(Picture is from the site and links to it)

It's all here.

As I've done the quizzes for a few years now I categorize the questions into four parts.
1. Stuff I don't know at all, generally before I started racing, i.e. 1983 or so.
2. Stuff I know reasonably well, typically from the era where there was actually cycling news available in magazines and papers (like Velonews). When I could get my hands on cycling news I devoured it. Typically 1983 (the start of Winning Magazine) until about 1998, when the racing got a bit much for me, meaning the doping was out of control.
3. Stuff that I really don't know since I purposely didn't follow racing. It was to the point where I didn't recognize the USPS team when I finally saw a picture of the Tour because they were in gray kits. 1999 - 2005 or so.
4. The current era, meaning the last ten years or so. 2005 until now. I sort of know some stuff, don't know a lot of stuff. The first Tour I really followed in this era was 2006.

Most of the questions seem to draw from numbers 2 and 3. Sometimes there are a bunch of questions from 1 and I basically get them all wrong.

There are some filled in spots of knowledge because I bought DVDs on particular races. Typically they're the classics like Ghent or Flanders.

Anyway it's a neat distraction from not reading about the races and such, and it's free.

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