Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life - YouTube Errors So No Clip Tomorrow

Last night I thought I'd be a nice guy and upload 4 of the 5 clips that are ready for release. I planned on releasing them one every few days, between posts that I've half written.

Today, while I was away from the house, the Missus texted me.

"The video has failed to process. x3"


3 of 4 videos failed to upload to Youtube last night, and since they need to be in order, I don't want to release the one that actually made it up there.

I'm going to upload one at a time, one per night. I didn't even review the 5th clip so I'll review that before I put it up.

Basically three go together and the other two belong together.

The set of three work well together, at least in my eyes. They definitely need to be in order and unfortunately the last one of the three is the only one that made it. I'll upload the first and second clip in that set.

Then I'll work on the two clip set. One clip is basically ready, although now that it didn't upload I've thought of changes I want to make to it. The other is only on its first version and hasn't been reviewed. Most of the clips are on their 3rd or 4th revision at this point.

Of course if anyone local has a nice wide connection to the internet (upload speeds, not download) the clips are 1 GB apiece, give or take, and you could, you know, watch them before they go live to everyone.

At home it's about 1000 minutes upload time for each clip, so about 15-16 hours, give or take.

Ugh. Not what I want to see.

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