Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life - Promoting?

It's been a while since I put anything up here. I realized that when someone referred to Junior as Junior - I only do that here, and I sort of forgot I did that.

Obviously the big thing for me is that the Bethel Spring Series is coming up. The races start Sunday, Sweep Day is Saturday, but the whole promotion thing has been going on for a while now.

Each year it's about small improvements. Sometimes we get a big break, like when we first headed indoors at Navone Studios. Other years it's just a refinement on procedure, nothing major.

This year there were a number of things. First we had a slew of changes on the back end, stuff that's not really related to racing but more to the entity that promotes the races (i.e. the legal me). This all started last year and we're scrambling to finish stuff for Sunday.

Next we've moved our registration area over a couple doors. This also required some paperwork (and I just realized I have to do some more of that said paperwork). I put hints in the linked post but I want to let the racers experience the impact like I did, it's a cool space.

There are the tenants in the park of course, and they need to be assured that they'll have access to their offices, that we won't prevent them from getting to work. This involved a couple drives down to the course. It used to be easier when I lived a few towns over, not a couple counties away.

There's all the regular stuff, permits and such. That's sort of normal stuff.

Personally it's been tough this year. Of course we have Junior now so we don't have quite the time that we did before the stork dropped him off. More significantly he's been building up his immunity by catching colds at daycare, and in doing so he's been affecting me too.

I had quite the winter, from before Christmas until now, plagued with regular flu type illness, a sinus infection that got bad enough that I was yakking when I coughed (first time for me), and, to top it all, my back went out.

That may not sound like it's related to Junior but it sort of was - see, when Junior was cough-yakking he slept better when he was a bit more upright. I got into the habit of getting up when he cough-yakked (at 11PM or 1 AM or whatever) and then holding him while I sat in a recliner.

He'd fall asleep, breathing heavily.

I'd fall asleep too.

A few weeks of doing this somewhat frequently and suddenly I had a hard time getting out of the recliner when Junior woke up at 5 or 6 in the morning.

During all this I was trying to train a bit. I got some good hours in during January but fell apart going into February. I think I rode 4 or 5 times this month so far, due to illness, fatigue (like if I wasn't able to sleep through the night), and my back.

You know you put off training and Bethel stuff a week here, a week there, and suddenly you're talking some real time.

So Thursday and Friday are huge, huge, huge push days. No training probably but a LOT of getting ready for the races. Everything has to be ready by Saturday at 8 AM which is when I need to leave the house for Sweep Day. I won't be back until after Sunday's race so everything has to go, and I mean everything. It'll be interesting to say the least.

For now, though, bed.

Tomorrow we push.


atsuko said...

Yeah, it's definitely tough catching everything the kids have. I feel like I've been sick in some way since November, and I don't think I used to get sick. Maybe I did and it didn't matter as much b/c I didn't have little ones to take care of. But yeah, it's tough trying to get your training/workouts in when you're not at 100%.

Aki said...

I was thinking the same thing, like "wait, I didn't get sick like this before". I have been getting sick more often in the last 5-6 years though - my SoCal training camp was always a battle between training and being sick.

Now I'm battling another sinus type infection, based on the new colors I see.

I'm probably going to skip riding today which means I'll have had 2 WEEKS off the bike. Ha. Sunday should be fun.