Sunday, February 12, 2012

Helmet Cam - 2011 Tour of Somerville Cat 2

Another clip from the summer, this of the 2011 Tour of Somerville Cat 2 race. This race left me with mixed feelings - it was faster than the Cat 3 race I did there in the prior year, so that's good. I put down less power than when I raced the Cat 3s, so that was kind of good. No one I knew got terribly hurt, so, again, that's good.

But I was struggling to stay in the field. I was less fit, hence the lower power average. That's not good. I never saw the front or even close to the front of the field. That's not good. I got caught behind what seems like a careless crash. That's not good. Even after the crash, when I perhaps should have had the umph to go, I had nothing. My legs went numb and I went off the back.

Not so good.

But still, it was an illustration of what can happen in a race. And for me it was another year at Somerville. When I think of the first Cat 3 race I did there just a few years ago, struggling at the back for about ten laps, then exploding myself trying to move up just a little bit, I've come a long way.

Here's the 2011 Tour of Somerville, Cat 2 race, as I saw it. I hope you enjoy my somewhat leisurely race.


Anonymous said...

Keep your head up! It seems like you are looking down a whole lot.

Aki said...

It's my tell. It's also how I look back without looking back - my head tilts down, I can look further down (back) or up (ahead). But it's my tell, and an obvious one at that.

Mark Cafiero said...

I'm racing my first crit a week from Sunday and find your videos very helpful. Thanks from Colorado - Mark

Aki said...

Mark, good luck and have fun. Pay attention, don't leave gaps, and go git'em!