Monday, February 16, 2009

Training - Sick

After all that stuff with the cranks and stuff... I'm still sick. Each morning I wake up unable to swallow without wincing. I feel weak and feverish and my head pounds (I normally never have headaches). Spent most of today curled up watching first the abysmal failure of technology during the Tour of California (where are those weatherproof cameras that clean their lenses automatically, why can't they figure out better image relay technology, and even if they can't relay things, why don't they record to tape/harddrive for future editing?), second some various Star Wars things. I managed to get out of my shell to help mold one pretzel (we made pretzels, again), and read a few pages of a book, but otherwise I've been totally zonked. I don't get it. Talked to the missus briefly, but still in "just woke up" la-la land.

Will go back to sleep shortly. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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Broerie said...

That really sucks, hope you get better soon!