Saturday, February 02, 2008

California - Day Three

Still recovering from my unexpected stomach ailment. Yesterday I could barely drink two cans of soda (aka "sugar water") - in fact, I found drinking water next to impossible. Probably because of that, as well as my epic long ride the day before, the time zone change, and various other things, I was pretty much delirious all day.

Today started out about the same - I gargled with water since I felt like I couldn't swallow it without getting sick. Of course that prompted an "Are you getting sick in there?" remark, but luckily for me and the bathroom, it was just gargling. Suddenly, some time in the late morning, my body alerted me that it could eat. I started out with some nice natural yogurt (figure I needed to replenish some of that good bacteria) and by the end of the afternoon I had eaten a few small plates of food.

I passed on riding though, my head pounding a bit, extremely dehydrated (orange urine), and probably most significantly my insecurity of being more than 15 or 30 seconds away from a bathroom. I never had any such bathroom "alarms" today so I think tomorrow, weather and body permitting, I'll be able to go out for a short spin.

I'm still exhausted though - I lay down to read or watch some TV and find myself waking up an hour later, groggy and disoriented. Obviously my body is still working on getting back onto even footing.

A bonus is that, thanks to two fervent young fans living in the house (ages "almost 3" and 6), I've now watched Star Wars Episodes I-V completely, with only Episode 6 left. Since we also watched some of the special features, I think I've watched about 12-14 hours of Star Wars so far.

If only I could train this much.

During the Star Wars breaks I've watched some of the 2007 Giro, praying that my lack of eating for a day will help me look a little more like the guys scampering up the big climbs. Not the healthiest way of losing weight, but as the saying goes, when given lemons, make lemonade.

I hope tomorrow to have a nice little pitcher of delicious lemonade.

And not a bowl of lemons.


K-Ro said...

I looked into camps in spain, but its too much cash unless you can go for two weeks or so.

I went to Maui last year and it was reasonably inexpensive, I can only take about 8 days, so 6 or 7 riding. The goal is to spend as long as possible on the bike, maybe 2-3 hours first thing in the morning, then a break for lunch on the beach, then maybe another ride or even a run.

It doesnt seem like a lot of time, but last year I dropped 8 or so pounds in just over a week, and it stayed off, even three weeks later.

I'll be bringing the ipod this year, for sure.

I remember reading a quote about losing the last bit of weight before the racing season, from some British pro, I think, that went something like this:

"You want to lose weight? Get up early in the morning and eat a bagel, then ride 100k real slow, come home, have a pint of Guinness and go to bed."

I keep joking that I want to try it. But maybe close to home and not on some island somewhere!

Hope you start feeling better

Aki said...

I love that "pro tip". lol.

I tend to eat some monstrous breakfast and then eat very little while riding. If I want to do a harder ride the next day I eat a lot, else I'll be too weak the next day. Otherwise I let my natural post-ride lack of appetite control what I eat after the ride. I'll be weak but "lighter" the next day.

I hope to get out today, it seems that things are finally a bit more normal for me.