Monday, January 07, 2008

Life - Wedding Pictures

So some select wedding pictures are up. The slide show is from the 2007 Nutmeg State Games and has a lot of familiar faces in the "racing shots". So take a look and see if you're there. The helmet cam clip is by far the most detailed and longest clip I've put together - I had to get it to fit inside of YouTube's 10 minute limit.

The pictures don't show me sitting in the driver's seat of the (then future-) missus's Honda, my bike on the roof rack, me wearing just the pants, shirt, shoes, and socks, AC on (not that you could tell), waiting for the rest of my family to arrive. They were bringing the jacket, vest, tie, and other things which I forgot at the house. Various friends gathered around and hung out since, well, if the groom wasn't going in, then they weren't either.

Of course a few took the opportunity to point out that only I "would bring his bike to his wedding."

At least we didn't ride away on the tandem.

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