Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bloggus Interruptus

I'm sometimes affected by an affliction bloggus interruptus. This is caused when a blogger, doing a sweeping edit (like changing verb tenses or eradicating a comma infestation) is interrupted by something a little more important.

The blogger leaves with the work only half checked.

And this particular blogger finds it hard to come back to a post to finish it off.

Part of the reason is that my posts tend to drone on and on. So when I am cutting/pasting paragraphs here and there and suddenly a somewhat critical thing demands my attention, well, some of those paragraphs get left or copied (instead of cut) and my final edit sometimes misses these things.

So for all the weird paragraphs you've found, the wrong words, the commas, I apologize.

For a while I decided to leave things as is with all the errors in place. But now I'd like to clear things up. This means that if you have an RSS subscription, you'll be getting some repeat posts (but with a few grammar type things fixed).

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